Twin 2 – “Change of Plan”

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It’s been our quite investment.

Our strong, reliable, performing twin.

Bought as an investment years ago, and left to it’s own devices for the last 3 years.

Then the market was booming. The apartment came on the market with an existing tenancy which again helped us in our purchase. It really put owner-occupiers out of the race at that time.

In the 3 years we had only seen it once, when we bought it, and couldn’t remember the exact details of the floor plan or fittings. Our tenant of 3 years had decided to move out. We figured we could update the apartment now, as part of maintenance and continuing improvement.

In preparing our application for approval of renovations, we assumed that the property was the same layout as Twin 1.

We wanted to get all our paperwork submitted quickly, so we went ahead and drafted all the plans, elevations and drawings to be ‘ahead of the game’ ready for approval.

Plans exampleApproval of our scope of works has to be done by the Strata Committee at a meeting in about 4 days’ time, and if not then it would be another month.

The pressure was on.

All paperwork had already been completed and submitted to the Building Manager, ready for the meeting. There are quite specific requirements and forms. This happened on Thursday night, ready for the meeting to be held on the next Tuesday evening.


…Mitch went to the final inspection of the property with the property manager and tenant….and the floor plan was not as we remembered!!

It had been a long time after all.

Our tenant had been great, and due to a relationship break up – she was heading to Melbourne, he was staying in Sydney – our tenant was moving on.

After that inspection Mitch came home with the news that there were a few significant differences, and we would need to change our plans and resubmit….and fast!

The change would help us with some costs, because there were some benefits in the configuration we re-discovered after so many years.

Mitch and I headed to measure and photograph Twin 2 early on Saturday morning, planning to update all documents and email them by the end of the day. No beach time for us this weekend.

One key for us in applying for renovation approvals…and we have always had success in gaining quick approvals…is ensuring all the detail is there. If you leave people to wonder, or to assume, then you are likely to hit a brick wall in your approval process.

Twin 2 presented us with some good bones, and some existing structures we could leverage… Cost savings were there…fantastic!

We forgot a built-in wardrobe was already in place, creating a great study area already. The negative was the lack of a linen-cupboard! So, we still have to maximise storage.

Also, the kitchen configuration was a little different.

There were less lights, so a dark apartment greeted us.

The floor plan of the kitchen also meant we needed to change the location of the new refrigerator and the new kitchen cupboard.

Our Twin was different, with its own personality;

  • It was darker and had black granite stairs that went up to the balcony,
  • The wardrobe was already installed, making it possible to extend and create a separate space
  • There was less electrical work needed because we didn’t need to move downlights, but had to add some in other areas,
  • We need to boost storage, storage, storage.
  • Update carpet,
  • Change the benchtop

Saturday afternoon was a whirl of typing, drawing, adjusting, and printing to update our renovation proposal.

arial-3d-206.pngThe differences in the properties meant all documents had to be updated, albeit slightly, however to ensure a smooth approval process the work was necessary

Update Scope of works.

Update floor plans including floor coverings, electrical and lighting changes, changes to cabinets and reduced building work

arial-3d-104.pngOnce completed…

…checked and…

…double checked….

CLICK…sent…the updated application was submitted.

We now need to get to the Strata Meeting on Tuesday night ready to present our renovations for approval. Two jobs at once.

Fingers crossed!

Hopefully the owner’s corporation are happy.

If so, then things speed up. We will need to get trades booked to fit in with any other work being done in the building.

It’s all a process of negotiations, marketing and brand-management.

If they like you, it works better.

We’re ready for the meeting….



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